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How it works.....

  • Set your business goals: The client signs the Website Design Agreement with Prokop Digital Marketing

  • Prokop Digital Marketing Collects 60% of the Website Design Deposit

  • We gather your branding colors, content, pictures, mission statement, logo

  • We claim your domain name for you

  • We allow you to choose from several website design options

  • We define and outline your website layout 

  • We design your website navigation and pages 

  • We pick the professional tools you need to be successful 

  • We make it accessible to everyone 

  • We optimize the mobile website

  • We strengthen your SEO  

  • We engage with visitors and set up your social media platforms

  • We ask for feedback as we make final edits

  • We collect the remaining 40% deposit

  • We publish, update and your designer website goes live online!

  • We are always here for you if you ever want to make any additional changes at any time

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